Paolo E. Landi
Truffaldino in Misery and Nobility


Na Taganke - Moscow

Omsk Academic Drama Theatre - Russia
Omsk Drama Theatre

Milwaukee Rep. Theatre, Wisconsin
Milwaukee Rep Theatre

Samara Academic Drama Theatre
Academic Samara Drama

Riga russian Drama Theatre

Russian Riga Drama

  Jepson Theatre  


Jaunimo Teatras

Vilnius Lithuania

Russian Drama Theatre of the Bashkortostan (UFA)


Theatre of Youth
Saratov Russia


Chelyabinsk Drama Theatre




performances in russian, english, lithuanian or italian




by Carlo Goldoni

Na Taganke Theatre (Moscow)

First Night: Dec, 24, 2011


Florindo & Beatrice

"?????????? ???????, ?????????? ?????????, ?????????? ????????".

"Great Actors, Great Performance, Great Director" (from the audience forum)

Man and Gentleman - Poster

Man and Gentleman

(Uomo e Galantuomo)
by Eduardo De Filippo
Riga - Latvia

First Night Ocrober 22, 2011


Das Kammerspiel
by Daniel Call
Italy 2011
Daniela Giovanetti

Misery and Nobility
by E. Scarpetta
Russia and Lituania 2009

The chairs - Bald soprano
by Ionesco
Saratov - Russia 2008

Noises Off
by Michael Frayn
Vilnius - Lithuania 2007

Misery and Nobility
by E. Scarpetta
Riga - Latvia 2008


Noises Off
by Michael Frayn -
Saratov - Russia 2006

Bald Soprano &
The Chair
by Eugene Ionesco -
Richmond - USA 2006

Noises Off
by Michael Frayn
UFA (Bashkortostan)
- 2007


Strip Man Show (all about men)
Vilnius Youth Theatre,
Vilnius - Lithuania 2005

Dance Marathon
by D. Lebedev & Paolo Landi -
Samara - Russia 2004

Give Caesar
by M. Yourcenar
Rome - Italia 2003

Juri Izkov e Valery Alexeev

Venetian Twins
by Carlo Goldoni
Omsk - Russia 1995
Juri Izkov e Valery Alexeev






The Man, the Beast, the Virtue
by Luigi Pirandello
Riga - Latvia 1992






Neaples, town of Millionaires

(Napoli Milionaria)
by Eduardo De Filippo
Ufa - Russia 2011
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Love of the Three Oranges
by Carlo Gozzi
Saratov - Russia 2010


The Miser
by Moliere
UFA (Bashkortostan) 2009

Imaginary Invalid
by Molière
Omsk - Russia 2008

Venetian Twins
by Carlo Goldoni
UFA (Bashkortostan) 2009

Servant of two masters
by Carlo Goldoni -
Saratov - Russia 2003

Ladies's night
by J. Collard - Samara - Russia 2002 Dmitri Lebedev


Man and Gentleman
by Eduardo De Filippo -
Omsk - Russia 2002


Filumena Marturano
by Eduardo De Filippo
Russia 2001

Venetian Twins
by Carlo Goldoni Richmond - USA 2000

Servant of Two Masters
by Carlo Goldoni - Milwaukee -USA  1999Servant of Two Masters in USA

Poverty and Nobility
by Eduardo Scarpetta -
Omsk - Russia 1998

First Act

The Bald Soprano
by Eugene Ionesco

Italy - France - Russia - USA
  1991- 1995
- 2006 - 2008
Sergey Lissov and Dimitri Lebedev

The Two Characters Play
by Tennessee Williams
Todi - Italy 1989
Set by Jack Franfurter

World  Premiere