Omsk Academic Drama Theatre  (Russia 1991-1998)
Sergey Lissov  and Dimitri Lebedev This was the first performance ever in Russia of the Ionesco's Masterpiece

Avignon Festival  (France 1995) Shawn Logan at Avignon Festival - 1995

Dancinon tour in Italy (1990-1995)

Roberto Stocchi and Marta Altinier

The URSS and Russian Première of the Absurd Theatre classic





Bald Soprano

by Eugene Ionesco


Set & costumes

by Paolo Emilio Landi


dance by

Paola Maffioletti


music by

Dario Arcidiaconi


Produced by

Omsk Drama Theatre Omsk Academic State Theatre







In Omsk the play has been in repertory for 8 years