New Translation in russian
by  Paolo E. Landi

opening night on November, 14 2005

This forth edition is a brand new one based on the idea that all the story takes place on the very last day of carnival. The old Venetian festivity has always been the occasion for jokes, masquerades and dirty tricks. Historically was the perfect day to celebrate a wedding. So it was not difficult to imagine that Zanetto, the country bunker, arrives to get married to Rosaura, while masked figures get ready for the last tour of the town. The same masks, at dawn, after dancing and enjoying their day, will witness the death of the naïf young man. His brother, Tonino, the smart one, will find him too late.

In this edition of Venetian Twins, death and life, happiness and misery, come one across the other and meet in the hysteria of the carnival.




Venetian Twins

by Carlo Goldoni


Directed by

Paolo Emilio Landi


Set & Costumes

Santi Migneco


Movements and Choreography

Lydia Biondi


Music by

Vivaldi - Haendel - Tartini - Luciano e Maurizio Francisci



Produced by

the Republic Academic Russian Drama Theatre of the Bashkortostan (UFA)



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