Text Available in Neapoletanian Dialect

and  in Russian

Poverty and Nobility (Miseria e Nobiltà) is the masterpiece of Eduardo Scarpetta, famous comic actor, who bought a theatre with the earnings of this play. Scarpetta was Eduardo de Filippo's father. This performance is in Russian and has been attended by more than 200.000 spectators.
In a movie version the leading role was  played by Totò.

Antonio de Curtis, Totò

opening night on March 1998




Poverty and Nobility

by Eduardo Scarpetta

Directed by

Paolo Emilio Landi


Set & Costumes

Santi Migneco


Music by

Igor Esipovich


Produced by

Omsk Drama Theatre


Omsk Drama Theatre




All author's several children acted as Peppiniello, the young boy. All of them became famous italian actors.