Venetian Twins (I due gemelli veneziani 1746), belongs to the early productions by the italian author, very much influenced by the Commedia dell' Arte, and prior to the so called 'Reform'.



 Valery Alexeev as Tonino

Juri Izkov e Valery Alexeev

I've staged four different versions of the same play. Check them!

opening nights

March 1995 in Omsk (Russia)

March 2000 in Samara (Russia)

March 2002 in Richmond (VA) USA

November 2005 in Ufa (Baskhortostan- Russia)

Director Paolo Emilio Landi




Venetian Twins

by Carlo Goldoni


Directed by

Paolo Emilio Landi


Set & costumes

Santi Migneco


Produced by


Omsk Academic Drama Theatre - Russia Omsk Drama Theatre (1995)

Samara Academic Drama Theatre - Russia

Samara Drama Theatre (2000)

Jepson Theatre -University of Richmond (VA)University of Richmond (2002)

Ufa Russian Drama Theatre (2005)



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the performances are on stage and so far have been seen by more that 200 000 spectators


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