New Translation and Adaptation
Jeffrey Hatcher and Paolo Emilio Landi

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House of Pantalone

Clarice, Pantalone's daughter and Silvio (son of Doctor Lombardi), are signing a wedding contract when Truffaldino arrives to announce his master Federigo Rasponi. This presents a double surprise: Federigo is believed to be dead after a duel with Florindo, his sister's lover. Federigo was promised to Clarice.

Federigo, who is actually Beatrice disguised as a man, arrives. He/She expects Pantalone to pay her money that is due to Federigo. Brighella, a friend of the Rasponi house and owner of a hotel recognises Beatrice but agrees with her to not reveal her true identity. Truffaldino meets Smeraldina the house maid. He falls in love with her. The wedding is cancelled

Truffaldino laments his condition as a servant. Florindo (Beatrice's lover) escaped from Turin after the death or Federigo, and arrives in Venice. Truffaldino applies to work as his servant and brings his trunk to the nearby hotel. he is sent to the post office to check for letters for Florindo Aretusi. Beatrice arrives at the same hotel and sends him to the post office to retrieve letters as well.
Silvio, wanting to meet Federigo, asks for Truffaldino's master. Florindo arrives. They think there is a misunderstanding. Florindo learns from Silvio that Federigo is alive and in Venice. He wants to return to Turin to search for Beatrice. Truffaldino mixes up the letters and gives Beatrice's letters to Florindo, who learns she is in Venice. He leaves in search of her. Truffaldino tries to reseal Beatrice's letter with a piece of bread. (letter Lazzo) Beatrice sees that the letter has been opened. She beats Truffaldino and sends him m the hotel. She leaves in search of Pantalone. Truffaldino meets Pantalone who gives him the money for his master. Truffaldino gives it to Florindo.

House of Pantalone
Clarice resists her father's will- She does not want to marry Federigo. Beatrice, seeing her desperation, tells her the truth; she is a woman. Clarice agrees to keep the secret, and gives her hand to Beatrice to show loyalty Pantalone sees this and believes that she has agreed to the Wedding. He leaves in search of Lombardi.


Outside Pantalone's house
Silvio wants to fight Pantalone. His father, Lombardi, stops him and meets Pantalone. They talk. Pantalone informs him that the wedding between Clarice e and Federigo is decided. Silvi returns. Attacts Pantalone with words and challenges him. Beatrice intervenes and disarms Silvio. She's about to kill him when Clarice enters. Beatrice let Silvio go and reminds her the vow of silence. Clarice assures Silvio of her love, but he does not believe it. She is ready to commit suicide when Smeraldina stops her. Monologue of Smeraldina about men. Silvio leaves to seek revenge.

Truffaldino meets Florindo, who allows him to order lunch. Then, Truffaldino receives the same order from Beatrice. Shegives him a cheque for 4000 ducats to be kept in her trunk. Truffaldino discusses the menu and table setting with Brighella He shows the intended placement with tearing into pieces the Cheque. Beatrice arrives to lunch with Pantalone. She discover the shredded cheque and beats him. She goes in her room to lunch. Arrives Florindo and does the same. Beatrice and Florindo are in two adjoining rooms. With the help of the waiter Truffaldino serves the meal to both masters.

Smeraldina searches for Federigo. Skye has a letter from Clarice. She meets Truffaldino who declares his love for her. They try to read the letter but can not. Beatrice sees the open letter. Truffaldino and Smeraldina blame each other. Beatrice beats Truffaldino Florindo sees it and beats Truffaldino too.


Truffaldino brings both his masters' trunks to the same hotel room. Gives the clothes an airing. Finds in a coat Florindo's portrait. When Florindo calls him from off stage mixes up dresses and books, putting the portrait in a black coat. Florindo asks for a black coat. He receives one and finds his portrait (once presented to Beatrice) inside of it. As an excuse Truffaldino says he received the portrait from "is previous master who is now dead. Florindo believing Beatrice is dead exits in desperation. Beatrice asks for his ledger book which is in the trunk and receives one of Florindo containing her love letters. Truffaldino repeats the story of the dead master. Beatrice believing Florindo is dead, confesses that he is a woman, and desperately exits

Pantalone, who has discovered the truth identity of Beatrice, meets Lombardi and tells him that the marriage between Silvio e Clarice is possible. Lombardi refuses the offer. Comes Silvio and Pantalone tells him the wedding `still possible as Federigo is a woman.

Beatrice and Florindo try to commit suicide and meet by chance. Alive! Their joy is immense. They plan to go back to Turin and to buy Florindo's freedom. Who is responsible for these misunderstandings? Brighella brings Truffaldino, who convinces both masters separately that the responsible party is another servant named Pasquale. He tells them that Pasquale is the servant of the other and that they should not talk about him. Truffaldino asks Florindo for permission to marry Smeraldina

House of Pantalone
The wedding between Clarice and Silvio is set again. Beatrice and Florindo are going to be married as well. Florindo asks Pantalone for permission to marry his servant to Smeraldina. Clarice says that Smeraldina is promised to Beatrice's servant. In order to marry Smeraldina, Truffaldino confesses he is the servant of both masters. Discovered the truth all masters chase Truffaldino who, escaped, monologues about love.



Servant of two Masters


Carlo Goldoni


Directed by

Paolo Emilio Landi



Scott Bradley



Santi Migneco


Performed at the




Actor Lee Ernst has three costumes to be changed during the performance.

He catches 40 plates thrown at him by 4 assistants.